Publish Your Next Technology Press Release with HackerNoon

15 Apr 2024

HackerNoon launches our long-awaited offering: Technology Press Releases with HackerNoon! You can now leverage HackerNoon’s distribution engine to share your press releases!

Leveraging prominent onsite and newsletter distribution, owned and paid social media, traditional media press release pickup, and machine learning-generated translations, HackerNoon now averages 5k readers per press release. Visit our Technology Press Releases home page to learn more.

The introductory prices start at $750 per release, and bulk discounts are available. There is no expiration date for your Press Release credits.

Avail the Introductory Pricing for Your Press Release Now.

Why Publish Your Company’s Technology Press Releases with HackerNoon?

Great question. Here are not one but 8 reasons why:

Technical Achievements Are Best Hosted with a Technical Audience

HackerNoon is the go-to tech news and learning platform for millions of technologists. Our library of 100k+ technology stories attracts 3M+ monthly visitors. See below the data gathered from 1k+ job titles entered via in Q1 2024.

Accessibility: Translated into 12 Languages, 2 Audio Files, and Backed Up on the Blockchain

HackerNoon makes content more accessible to increase audience size. Via machine learning models from OpenAI, Google, & others, we translate your story into 12+ languages, 2 audio files and back it up on the Arweave blockchain for good measure.

Distribution Across HackerNoon and Around the Web

Via owned and paid social media, traditional media like press releases, machine learning generated translations, and the creation and distribution of the audio story, HackerNoon maximizes technology readership.

Creating an Average of 5k Readers Per Press Release

We’ve used the traditional press release services, and they usually get just a couple hundred readers per story. Sometimes even less. When you publish your technology press release on HackerNoon, you should expect ~5k readers.

Republished on the Wire to 100+ Traditional Media Sites

Just like the traditional press release wire services, we put your story on the wire. You should expect your technology press release to be re-published to ~100 more sites, such as Benzinga, Digital Journal, Yahoo Finance, and The AP.

Prominent Distribution Across the HackerNoon Site, App, and Newsletter

Technology Press Releases on HackerNoon are featured on the Homepage, the Category Page, 8 Tagged Pages, 12 Translation Homepages, the Mobile App, the Terminal App, the Lite Version, and the Noonification Newsletters (250k+ subscribers).

Easy Content Uploading and Formatting with Staff Support

We hate how difficult it is to upload content to archaic press release distribution services. The HackerNoon uploader and story editor are smooth AF. We also accept your submissions via unlisted link like Google doc or even a URL like your pressroom.

1 Business Day Turnaround Time (TAT) and Professional Editorial Support

Technology press releases are timely content. Our editorial and support staff guarantee one business day turnaround time. HackerNoon is here to make sure your story gets distributed on time.

Book a meeting with us to learn how Octopus NetworkKuCoin Community Chain, Avalanche, ICON Foundation, and other tech companies publish their press releases with HackerNoon.