Learn Generative AI with Google Cloud: New Courses from Introductory to Advanced Level

10 Jul 2024

Generative AI is a type of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) that is garnering a lot of attention right now, and we want to help keep you a step ahead by sharing the latest training available from Google Cloud. In this blog, we have compiled resources to help you learn about generative AI, how it can impact your business, and how to use it.

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We have brand-new generative AI training options, and are constantly adding to our training catalog on Google Cloud Skills Boost. This includes two learning paths that each feature comprehensive content: one is for the non-technical audience (introductory) ‘Introduction to Generative AI learning path’, and the other is for technical practitioners (more advanced) ‘Generative AI for Developers learning path’. Prefer less of a time commitment? Opt for individual courses and labs with the topics that suit your specific interest.

Powered by Google Cloud technology, generative AI is reimagining the way that organizations do business by leveraging data. The use cases are far-ranging, from having smarter conversations with and creating rich experiences for customers, to enhancing business processes, to helping developers write code, and more.

Google Cloud has been working for decades to bring AI technology solutions to organizations, and our tools make it easier to build experiences across our cloud portfolio. Whether you’re executive-level, an IT decision maker, in a non-technical role, or a technical practitioner, we have videos, courses and labs to help you learn about the power of generative AI. Plus, labs give you direct access to Generative AI Studio and Vertex AI (Google Cloud’s machine learning platform) to get hands-on, technical experience. Get started with our training list below.

No-cost foundational courses: no technical experience needed

Don’t have a lot of time but want to learn the basics? Our no-cost Introduction to Generative AI course is a great place to start. It takes about 45 minutes to finish.

If getting started has you hungry to learn more, continue your no-cost learning to earn the Generative AI Fundamentals skill badge. It includes the course above, plus two other courses: ‘Introduction to Large Language Models’ and ‘Introduction to Responsible AI’. In total, this takes about two hours to complete and you’ll earn a digital skill badge to share on your resume and social channels to validate your foundational understanding of Google Cloud generative AI technology.

Dig in deeper with our generative AI learning paths

For a more comprehensive learning experience, choose from our two new gen AI learning paths — a mix of courses, labs and skill badges. Please note: we plan to add new trainings to this list, so keep checking back for more.

Introduction to Generative AI - this path includes no-cost video courses. Content is non-technical, introductory, and designed for the tech-adjacent audience: roles like sales, HR, marketing and operations. Here is a look at the content:

  • Introduction to Generative AI - course
  • Introduction to Large Language Models - course
  • Introduction to Responsible AI - course
  • Generative AI Fundamentals - earn a skill badge
  • Responsible AI: Applying AI Principals with Google Cloud - course

Generative AI for Developers - this path includes a combination of technical hands-on labs and courses and requires Google Cloud credits to complete. It is designed for technical developers who work with gen AI, and includes the introductory training as a prerequisite. Content includes:

  • Responsible AI for Developers - course
  • Introduction to Image Generation - course
  • Attention Mechanism - course
  • Encoder-Decoder Architecture - course
  • Transformer Models and BERT Model - course
  • Create Image Captioning Models - course
  • Introduction to Generative AI Studio - course
  • Generative AI Explorer: Vertex AI - earn a skill badge
  • Explore and Evaluate Models Using Model Garden - lab
  • Prompt Design Using PaLM - lab

Gain technical experience with labs

We currently offer these generative AI labs for anyone looking to get some hands-on experience by working directly in Google Cloud:

Text embeddings with DeepLearning.AI and Andrew Ng

We have brand new content built in collaboration with DeepLearning.AI, taught by Andrew Ng, founder of DeepLearning.AI and a globally recognized leader on the topic. Enroll for no-cost in “Understanding and Applying Text Embeddings with Vertex AI” to learn various tasks like classification, outlier detection, text clustering, and semantic search. You’ll also learn to integrate them into LLM applications. Check out the video below to hear about these exciting opportunities found within text embeddings and generative AI.


New for technical practitioners: Intro to AI and ML

Learn the big picture of how Google supports the data-to-AI journey and how generative AI is embedded in the AI development platform in our new course, Introduction to AI and Machine Learning on Google Cloud, designed mainly for technical practitioners — AI developers, data scientists, and ML engineers. The course covers the technologies, products and tools used to build an ML model, an ML pipeline, and a gen AI project based on the goals of data and AI practitioners. Made up of four primary modules that include labs and quizzes, this introductory course takes about six hours to complete and requires 12 credits.

Stay on the cloud fast track with Innovators Plus

Generative AI is  constantly evolving, and we’re developing new training materials to help you keep your career knowledge and skills up to date. An Innovators Plus subscription gives you access not only to generative AI content, but the full Google Cloud Skills Boost catalog of on-demand training for a whole year. You get $1,500 in developer benefits for only $299, including up to $1,000 in Google Cloud credits. Considering getting certified? You’ll also get an exam voucher, plus special access to Google Cloud experts and execs, live learning events, and more to round out your knowledge. Check out the details and sign up here.

New Google Cloud customers from HackerNoon receive $300 plus an additional $50 in free credits to test, deploy, and explore Google Cloud for 90 days. Get started using the link here.

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