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22 Apr 2024

Hey Hackers!

It’s time to get those creative juices flowing because we’ve got some exciting updates to share with you.

Earn $$$ for Your Stories

It’s never too late to enter HackerNoon’s ongoing writing competitions and win cash prizes for your stories! To learn which competition is currently active, head on down to our Competition Announcements page to see where you can use your knowledge and expertise 😉

Use HackerNoon to Grow Your Following

In April, we also rolled out a new update that lets readers subscribe to YOU. Yes, YOU! So why don’t you go ahead and amaze readers with your writing chops and grow your own mailing list 😉.

Remember: followers on social media are only good so long as that social media platform exists and is popular (my myspace following is useless now 😢). But your newsletter mailing list lasts forever.

Get Your Voice Heard

Go down to our Polls page to express your opinion on the hottest trend in tech right now. Your votes will be counted in upcoming writeups where we compile this data and present our findings.

Let’s Get Writing!

Voting in the poll is one-half of the fun, the other half is telling us what YOU think of developments happening in the tech world using our handy prompts (some of which you can use to actually participate in our writing contests!).

For example, writers and programmers are said to be the most exposed to the rise of ChatGPT. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s all bad. The use of ChatGPT has implications for all professions around the globe, and you can bet that it’s more likely to empower than to replace the workforce. But how can AI be used as a learning tool? Share insights here.

And of course, here are some prompts that you can use as a guiding point to enter new competitions: NFTsBlockchainCryptocurrencyBranding, and more!

Also, it’s Zombie season! Even though Halloween is some time off, we’ve had two major zombie games come out recently, particularly for the PC. Resident Evil 4 Remake and The Last of Us Part 1; if you’re one of the thousands who happened to have played the games, why not tell HackerNoon readers what you thought about them?

Did we miss something? No worries! There’s a lot of exciting things happening in the tech space, and here’s your chance to enlighten readers with your knowledge and expertise.

Well, what are you waiting for? Keep on writing and keep on winning 😉