Blockchain SaaS And The Future Of Business: Exclusive Interview With OnchainLabs CEO Florian Ehrbar

15 Apr 2024

Gartner, a leading research and advisory firm, recently predicted a significant rise in the value-add of enterprise blockchain by 2030, fueled by the increasing need for scalable business solutions, secure transactions, and the inherent benefits of decentralization offered by blockchain technology.

Although B2B blockchain SaaS solutions are still in the early stages of adoption, they have the potential to revolutionize how companies interact and conduct business transactions. In this interview, Florian Ehrbar, CEO of OnchainLabs, takes us through the nitty-gritty of B2B blockchain SaaS and how it is shaping the future of business.

It’s great to have you, Florian. Can you briefly tell us about yourself and your route to web3?

Thank you for having me. My crypto journey started back in 2017 when Bitcoin got close to 20k for the first time. I was super fascinated by this new asset class and all the potential that came with the associated technology. With over a decade of experience in management roles within tech startups, I found myself increasingly drawn to the potential of blockchain technology to revolutionize how businesses operate.

Before founding OnchainLabs, I delved into a range of web3 investment strategies with a private Hong Kong family office, where I gained valuable insights into crypto projects. However, ultimately I really wanted to be at the heart of my own project, which I can now finally do with OnchainLabs.

This background laid a solid foundation for my transition into the web3 world, where I'm now focused on leveraging blockchain to create value for businesses and consumers alike.

What is B2B blockchain SaaS, and why does it matter?

A Software as a Service platform we offer businesses the tools and infrastructure they need to harness the benefits of blockchain technology in their operations. Our clients can choose the solutions they need, from creating digital twins of their products to managing loyalty programs, digital warranty management, and more.

This is relevant because blockchain has the potential to improve the way businesses operate by enhancing transparency, security, and efficiency in customer and product management, as well as gaining more data insights to improve the quality of services and, with that, grow revenues.

Can you explain how blockchain technology can benefit B2B businesses?

Absolutely. Blockchain technology offers several advantages for businesses. Together with our NFC technology it provides a tamper-proof connection between a physical product and its digital twin, this enhances trust between parties and reduces the risk of fraud.

Moreover, it enables streamlined and automated processes through smart contracts, optimizing internal and external processes for businesses. Additionally, blockchain enhances data security and privacy, which is crucial in industries handling sensitive information. Overall, it allows businesses to optimize their operations, improve collaboration with partners, and unlock new revenue streams.

What are the challenges B2B blockchain SaaS companies often face?

Making blockchain solutions user-friendly is still a big challenge. There is still a lot of education that needs to be done, but more importantly, the ultimate goal is to integrate the technology in a way that end consumers get the benefits of the blockchain without needing to handle all the hurdles.

This is one reason why we integrate in our SaaS solution OnchainID, which is a login that automatically comes with a non-custodial wallet that allows the owner of a digital twin to manage their portfolio seamlessly.

What can you tell us about the founding of OnchainLabs?

We founded OnchainLabs because of a deep conviction in the transformative power of blockchain technology. We recognized a growing need for businesses to harness blockchain's potential but often lacked the expertise and infrastructure to do so effectively.

Thus, we set out to bridge this gap by developing scalable B2B blockchain solutions tailored to the specific needs of each client. Our goal is to support businesses and brands seeing the potential within Web3 and help them with an easy gateway to onboard their first services via our B2B SaaS platform.

What does ‘helping businesses to leverage blockchain’ entail?

This involves identifying areas where blockchain can add value, whether it's enhancing transparency in ownership, improving customer engagement, or streamlining data management processes.

We work closely with our clients to integrate blockchain seamlessly into their operations and provide them with the necessary infrastructure, tools, and support. Every client has different needs, and that’s why our SaaS portal includes different applications clients can choose from. This way, clients can put together the services that are needed for them to grow and manage their business most effectively.

Can you briefly share one of your success stories in the B2B blockchain SaaS landscape?

One standout example is our partnership with Zai, a luxury ski brand. We are supporting them with a blockchain-driven solution to authenticate Zai's ski products while also implementing a loyalty program. By leveraging NFC technology seamlessly embedded within the ski layers, we ensure tamper-proof verification.

This integration is not only a secure way to connect the ski with the NFT that gives customers access to their product warranty but also is a gateway to access exclusive offers for loyal customers. It's a prime illustration of how strategic blockchain implementation can yield tangible benefits for B2B enterprises like Zai.

Can you walk us through the process of designing and implementing a secure and scalable B2B blockchain solution?

Designing and implementing a secure and scalable B2B blockchain solution begins with a proper assessment of the client's needs and objectives. We work closely with our clients to identify pain points and opportunities where blockchain can add value.

These inputs help us to improve our SaaS portal and also help us to add additional applications that clients can choose to be integrated in their portal. Moreover, we believe that an ecosystem should also involve integrations with third-party providers, which is why we also focus strongly on partnerships to build an ever-better solution for our clients.

Can you share your experience as CEO of OnchainLabs?

Leading OnchainLabs has been an incredibly rewarding journey. As CEO, my focus is on driving innovation, fostering a culture of collaboration, and delivering value to our clients.

I'm fortunate to lead a talented team of experts who share a passion for blockchain technology and a commitment to excellence. Together, we're striving to empower businesses in the web3 era, leveraging blockchain to unlock new opportunities for businesses and brands. It's a privilege to be at the forefront of this transformative industry, and I'm excited about the future.

Any parting words?

I would like to thank you for the opportunity to share our experiences as well as give some insights into what we are developing. As we continue to navigate the rapidly evolving landscape of web3, I encourage businesses to explore the potential of blockchain technology and, with that, find out new opportunities for growth.